Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This book was an accident, the David amoungest the many brothers. While picking up over 400.00 worth of curriculum and other readables at NYWC Austin (OOOOOOO-YEAAAAAAAAAA-BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, [sorry A.D.D. moment]) this book I passed over twice. When I got home and found it in my pile I was like, "hey I didn't buy you!" Condemning him to the bottom of the list. So on a whim I opened it in the middle and started reading and this was the first thing I read.

"Sharing the good news isn't a declarationfrom people who have all the answers and have appropriated al that the gospel conveys. Rather we share as much about God as we have come to understand, and we invite others to join us in our pilgrimage thorugh life" (Presence-Centered Youth Minisry, Mike King, p. 68).

It was a "no-duh" quote that didn't deserve the sacrificial tree that it had to die on nor the wasted ink but yet the quote haunted me (Boo!!! dang-it, can't figure out what I want to be on Halloweenie, I was called a Pirate the other day, just wait till I get my dread locks you hippie!). Anyway, what stands out is "pilgrimage." (Hmmmm, fall is definately here, Thanksgivings on the way; mo-betta-fat days). No, i'm not talking about Pilgrims landing on rocks but pilgrimage. The idea that we are walking together, the Emmaus, the journey together... but where are we going?

Home! Yes, that place we can kick off our shoes, jump in our jamies, boxers, or even Adam and Eve it if one chooses. That place we can be ourselves. The pilgrimage...

Maybe this faith "passingonness" isn't really that difficult. "Hey, come hang out with me, let me show you how much I enjoy life, let me show you how much I love you because I am loved. Maybe, just maybe through my lovingness you'll experience the love of the one who first loved me. Maybe, just maybe you'll say, "are you always like this?!" I'll respond, like Jeremiah, "how can I not tell you..." about, the God, as Crowder puts it, "brings us back to him, He is the one, He is Jesus..." Maybe you won't remember a thing I say, "thank's be to God" but will encounter a love, a grace, a mercy, a compassion, a justice, a "are you alwayslikethisness" that others will want to experience.

Pilgrimage, who are you inviting on the journey?


At 10/25/2006 8:31 PM, Blogger YouthGuyEvan said...

Adam and Eve it... classic :)


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