Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Temperture Drop

Wow, cold air. Window open, fan sucking in air, it's supposed to get in the 40's by sunrise, if it weren't for a court case I'd be waking at 5:00 in the morning, sitting in a treestand, bow in hand, arrow on rest; waiting for any eatable animal to walk my way or I'll just video the majestic morning.

But the legal system calls, so I will be testifying. Shouldn't be more than an hour, for what I am told. I'll do the court thing, head to the office and finish weekend work. Then maybe climb a treestand in the afternoon. If it's warm I'll head to the target range to film new video for you archers itching to see my new system.

(Hit play button video is being goofy!)

I think every Pastor should have a hobby that totally requires them to be isolated and away from the masses. Archery requires me to turn off the Pastor brain focus and turn on the skills brain. It's real "Zen-like," if I can say that without being heretical. I literally have to enter into a state of focus, attention, one-ness with everything I am doing. If I am off a breath the arrow "misses the mark" which in latin means to "sin."

When it comes to hunting there is no better way to experience God's Godness than to have to "be quiet," "be still" and "watch" God's nature in action. The moment of truth comes when I decide to put meat on the dinner plate. Yes I eat it all - squirrel and deer are my favorite. People think I am kidding when I tell them I love squirrel meat but I truly do. There is a responsibility on my behalf to drop the arrow in the kill zone. I only get "1" chance. Here in lies the importance of focus, attention, one-ness with everything I am doing. Yes, every Pastor needs a hobby. Thanks God!


At 10/19/2006 7:40 AM, Blogger YouthGuyEvan said...

So can you teach me how to shoot? I've always wanted to give it a try...


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