Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Peeing in Sinks

After Dunn's Coffee with Evan M. today I stopped by Wal-mart (yes, that evil corportation) to purchase items for our trip to National Youth Workers Convention.
Before my purchasing madstorm of 2 items I stopped by the bathroom. A gentlemen was already reliving himself of morning java. Being the A.D.D. me, I walked up next to him and started taking care of my morning Java.
Men being men in the restroom, we looked up only to realize that their was a mirror infront of both of us. Men being men in the restroom, neither one of us said a thing. Ed being Ed, I lost it and started laughing my head off!
O.K., new mental note "that long troth in the bathroom is a sink, not a toilet."
To all you mom and pop shops that were shut down because of Wal-mart. This one's for you!

See you in Austin!


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