Thursday, October 05, 2006

"So Long, So Long"

"hands out the window, floating on air just a flip of the wrist and I am waving goodbye"

Experienced a real "Dashboard" moment on the drive down to Austin today. As Evan pulled up on the upper level of I-35, emotions over ran me as memories returned to the fall of 1997. I could literally feel my heart being broken again.

The story in short: I was engaged. She cheated on me. I asked for the ring. Rolled down the sunroof and flicked the ring right out the window; right there on the upper level of I-35. "So long, so long!"

I explained the story to Evan, in the meantime I was wrestling with a world of emotions I didn't think I had any longer. The feelings of love will always linger but the reality of me being married today "taint no way." As I told my students the other night, "I love my life way too much to have time to share with anyone else but God."

I mean really people, look at the Ed Whipple of today. My life is perfect. Perfectly random but perfectly in love with God and discovering new ways to share that relationship with the world.

Example 1: Evan and I are going to video mug every Youth Worker we run into and ask them "how much do you love Jesus, prove it!?" Top 3 responces will be posted. So stay tuned for tomorrow.


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