Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rita Recovery Fall Mission Trip 2006

"What are you doing this weekend?"
"Changing the world!"
"Do what?"
"Do you mind explaining?"
"We're re-roofing a house for an elderly person."
"Why didn't you just say that."
"Because its more than that."
"No its not"
"If you have the cash, you can pay for anyone to reroof your house. But this family doesn't have the money and we're doing it out of compassion."
"There are a ton of compassion groups who would be willing to reroof a house?"
"True, but we do it out of thanks?"
"Do what?"
"We are thankful for what we have and we are sharing that `thankfulness'."
"So are you saying you are doing it out of guilt becaue of your abundance."
"O! No! Not at all!"
"Then explain."
"We are thankful for the incredible life God has given us and..."
"There are thousands of people who have great lives who don't care for religion."
"True, but I personally don't care for religion either."
"Do what?!"
"Religion is just a frame in which individuals form their belief."
"So are you saying religions are illegitimate."
"No, not at all, we must have a frame in which to be introduced to that particular faith."
"Wait what does this have to do with putting a roof on a house."
"Nothing, except that it allows us to thank God for the incredible life we already have."
"You already said that."
"Indeed, but the point is that one can help out of pure need, one can help because of guilt, one can help because their bored. But we help out of thankfulness."
"That doesn't make any sense."
"Your right. So what are you doing this weekend?"
"Wanna come and help put a roof on a house?"


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