Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rita Recovery Fall Mission Trip 2006 Retrospect

Incredible. Coooookooooooo! Roof raising. Wait, is Brittany in the van? Starbucks. No McD's. Danny, no more movies! Texas Chain Saw. Soul charging. Friday 13th. "Tiffany, water." Skin burnt. Adam's skill saw. Faith building. Mark's horribly failed prank. Chick-Fil-Breakfast. Trash & Laddars, a game for champions. Wal-mart, "receipt please - argh!" 1.88 a gallon?! Jesus loves Dunkin Doughnuts. Wheat bread please. Curb check. Did we forget the gator aide?! "Sam I am!" Rain washed. Michelle's spill. Center court discussion. Nailed thumbs. Taylor, stop working! Puddles, puddles, I love puddles. Chingles. Moooooooooooo! Employee of the Month. Lousianna anyone... ...Maybe not so much. Tornado 8 miles. Is Melonie hyper? Blown pumpkin patch. Washed out bridge. Neches River. Mercado's. You are my sunshine. Good times. Good times!


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