Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Heads congested, drugs aren’t working, going to Mexico in 6 hours, maybe not, youth tonight, ummm anyone got an idea for baptism? What do you do when you have a group that is mixed with Catholics, Baptist, Lutherans, Methodist, non-believers, atheist etc… I love the fact that our group is not all the same – yet it’s all the same water.
Flood stories exist in every culture i.e. the Gilgamesh Epic. My Prof. in college tried to disprove the existence of God because the Hebrew people used this story from the Mesopotamians. Umm yea whatever… …What this does tell me is that there must have been one heck of a wave that took out thousands and thousands of people. A wave so huge that cultures around the earth recorded it into history. The people of God in early Jewish History saw this as God’s hand at work. David Crowder, likewise states, “majesty, finally here…” Jars of Clay states, “rain, rain on my face…” No matter how we look at water can be deathly refreshing.
This is a paradox that is hard to put into words. But it goes something like this. Every wave (of God) that comes into my life effects me in 3 ways: a). sensing the presence, reality of God. b). washing out a previous thought, feeling, perception etc… c). washing in a new understanding of God’s Godness. All at once part of me dies; part of me is born again, part of just praises God.
I think this is what Crowder was tapping in on when he wrote “Here is our King.” It’s an incredible paradox that can’t be explained, yet we try. Hmmm…. I think I found my Baptism story for tonight.