Saturday, January 13, 2007

Maybe... Not So Much...

whoa, i figured out my password. has it really been since the last week of November. evan put my blog on the CPR list - heh, heh, heh...

since we last spoke our church finally broke ground

one of my adult workers gave birth

i got a different hair do

wen't skiing in steamboat, colorado with the students

speaking of images. last thursday, while in steamboat, colorado, we turned on the the Today Show to hear Matt Lauer discuss "Cheerleaders Gone Wild." we looked at each other with that "no way! you've got to be kidding" look. right there on t.v. we saw the (former) principal of McKinney, North getting into her brand new Hummer. but we want talk about the 70k+ payoff the school gave her to go away.

one picture, 5 cheerleaders, and the media has given McKinney an image of not so appealing persona. on th flight back to Texas i sat next to a stranger. in our conversation i mentioned i was a youth pastor in McKinney, her next comment was,"O! is that the town with the cheerleaders..." i turned to look over at one of my students who was laughing...

i started thinking about this whole image thing... what image does my faith, my christianity, my relationship with Jesus leave on those i come in contact.

a trace - i think tracer bullets are simply amazing. you fire it from your gun and you can see the direction it went and the point of impact. if only my faith were that obvious.

residue - a smeer, an obvious mark or stain, if only my commitment to Christ was that impactful.

image - St. Paul tells us to not be of this world but to be in it. the compromise: be in it for Christ that his image is known, a trace of where we've been and where we are going is obvious, his residue of compassion stains this world...


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