Monday, October 30, 2006


Good Times... Good Times...

Reading a book from NYWC, Listening to Crowder, watching Dallas thump the Panthers I was reminded their was a cRoWdEr video I've been meaning to edit. So whats up with Texas football teams letting prepubescent boys run their team? Colton McCoy at Texas and Romo at Dallas. O! Well! Both had a rough start during their first game but both had significant improvements in their second.

O.K. so I am loving this video editing thing. It's also nice not having the interwebnet thingy at the homestead. Gives me more time with books and God. Speaking of Rachel S. had a great quote I am going to plaster on a shirt,

"So much God, so little time..."

So last week went a little something like this: snipers on the Church roof (don't ask), meeting with new adult volunteer, volleyball games, band practice, new worship planning, hunting, finalize sermon notes, room set up with Cameron, candles, candles, candles, football game, Dunns w/ Evan, finalize sermon points, Cameron, final sound check, Wed. night Prayer Service, 2007 Staff Planning meeting, Conor back in town, upload 200 pics from mission trip, set up for mission auction, Lauren's til 1 a.m., great conversations with transforming Freshman, Cafe Brazil with Cameron and Conor, trip to music store, finalize Sky Ranch trip, MNHS Homecoming Football game, GO QUEEN HOLLY S. I love you, hunting - simply amazing to sit in the woods, OSU vs Neb. what a game, USC lost to the Holy Quackers - go ducks, mission auction, UT beat Tech., drop the clock an hour, Sunday!!! student leadership meeting, Juarez Mission Trip Meeting, da' Boys...

I've adopted the Jose Luis life view where everything merges together, and where I can truly say, as Paul stated in Philippians 4:1, "My dear brothers and sisters, I love you and want to see you. You bring me joy and make me proud of you, so stand strong in the Lord as I have told you!" Go Fillipino's (Yes, I know its not the same people but what the hey!)

As cRoWdEr says, "how could you be so good?" I know its a God thing!


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