Thursday, November 16, 2006

Frustraiting Peace

i've had no peace since my return from juarez, mexico. i found myself driving 98 m.p.h. today, hand out the window flying my hand plane, "slow down cowboy!" my appetite has change, bug maybe? scheduling is out the waazoooeeeeee! 30 minutes early to a meeting yesturday, court case canceled today, rushed to a "maybe-not-so-much" video and church seminar today. most of things are out of my control. yet, when asked in Juarez, "how are you really" my inner chest truly whispers, "content" and yes i meant it.

content is not my friend. i can't stop thinking about the injustice in mexico. the lack of water issues. the corruption. our abundance. their nothingness, except hope. our client spoke broken english and told us, "for 6 months my wife has been doing everything to get us a house. she's worked through the government, private companies, her job, etc. and nothing. 3 days ago Jose' Luis showed up, then all of you showed up, now we have a house. i kept telling my wife to have hope." i don't think their was a dry eye in our crowd of 66.

last wednesday night i asked a student in my small group, "so what do you think the bare necessities of life are" his first comment was "the interent!" i land in mexico a day later, wow talk about emerging life perspective! we scream for the interwebthingy and they want clothes, education (which are one in the same thing - you have to be able to afford the 350.00 uniform in order to go to public school), shelter and food. yes in that order. all of those things we have as "our right as americans" including the interwebthingy.

so when i told the border agent, "citizen of the united states!" it meant something deeper than words can grasp. so i drive 98 down the freeway, my hand out the widow - grasping for air, eat my half sandwich, pocket it for later, complain about my overly booked schedule and pray for justice.

my hands will again be on those bricks in juarez fighting poverty, showing the mercy of Christ and fighting my inner battle. maybe content and peace can come in the form of frustration. so ironical... thanks God!


At 12/23/2006 9:52 PM, Anonymous Jordan Eno said...

Ed- this post is amazing and so true. So many many times I catch myself being all whiney about the itty bitty things in my life, but then I catch myself and think back to all the horrible and unfair things I've seen in Juarez and I am reminded that most people down there won't ever know even 1/2 of the cool or luxourious things I will get to do in my life.

Merry Christmas!


Jordan Eno


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